Smell of Cookies

Federica Piccinini

I’ve been lovin’ trying out new and different recipes when I have time. Today here in Italy, is the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception, December 8, is a national holiday. There are celebrations throughout Italy. No work for me today, so I’ve decided to bake some Chocolate and Hazelnut cookies.

The smell coming from the oven as these cookies was baking was amazing! They’re so yummy!

I really enjoy making cookies and cakes in this time of the year, and you?
Here the recipe:
180g flour
100g chopped hazelnuts
150g melted butter
120g brown sugar
1 egg
100g chocolate chips
Brings together all the ingredients in a bowl, mix them initially with a fork and then with your hands.
Let rest the dough for 1 hour. Make little balls, and drop onto baking sheets at least two inches apart. Bake at 180 degrees for 15 min. Enjoy!

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  1. betty
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 13:18

    Ciao, guardando i tuoi biscotti mi è venuta voglia di infornare, il tempo è uggioso quindi dedichiamoci alla cucina, appaga in ogni momento…
    ti copio la ricetta e li provo…
    ciao ciao

  2. Fleurette
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 13:35

    Hello dear Federica, thank you for visiting and nice comment:) Your blog is very beautiful and interesting! I send you greetings from Prague
    Have a nice day

  3. Kris
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 13:56

    I want a feast holiday! May I come move to your neighborhood? haha

  4. Anna
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 14:54

    Chocolate and hazelnuts cookies! Could I have just one?Please!!!

  5. Laura Trevey
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 14:57

    I can almost smell them from those lovely pics!! Yummmmm

    and an easy recipe too!!

    xoxo Laura

  6. Fee-AMore
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 15:07

    Sigh i wish i could bake like you! I look cookies big time! xo

  7. Seyma
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 15:23

    it looks delicious!!

    i like cooking for the holidays.. especially for the new year eve 🙂


  8. Miss Eve
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 15:32

    Chocolate and hazelnuts…my favourites! I can almost smell them 🙂

    Thanks for the recipe Federica!

    Hope you have a lovely week, cheers: Evi

  9. Pinecone Camp
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 15:34

    Yum! Those cookies look so delicious. Enjoy your day off. Thanks for stopping by my blog, now I'm going to read more of yours and become one of your happy followers. have a lovely day.

  10. koralee
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 15:42

    Yummmmmm I have yet to do any Christmas baking….I need to get right on it. Thank for sharing yours…I have a cookie exchange to go to where I need to bake 8 doz. Your blog is so so lovely.

  11. Rachel
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 16:03

    Baking cookies ( and eating them) is my most favorite thing to do =] I will deff be trying out your recipe soon

  12. Lindsey
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 17:07

    Federica! I've missed you! I've been so busy lately, but I've made a comment to be back in blogland more frequently.

    Chocolate and Hazlenut? Well, in theory I'll have to try it, but I don't know if I'll have time. Some of my favorite recipes are my Italian sis-in-law's though.

  13. Teresa
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 17:21

    Those do look yummmmy!
    And to die for with some MILK!
    Glad you had a holiday to celebrate and BAKE!

  14. daisychain
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 17:25

    I must try this recipe they sound (and look) divine.

  15. Rostrose
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 17:52

    Your Chocolate and Hazelnut cookies really look great, mmmmhhhhmmm!!! Thenaks for the receipe. In Austria the 8th of Decenber is also a celebration day – but some of the shops are opened, because they need the money of the shoppers … I didn't go to work today but I had to prepare a Christmay market, so it was some kind of working day for me…
    Thenks for stopping by on P.S.
    Ciao, Traude

  16. Christine
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 17:59

    thanks for sharing the cookies looks absolutely delicious! i will have to try them soon!

  17. Federica
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 18:05

    deliziosi questi biscotti! complimenti!

  18. *Ulrike*
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 18:39

    Thank you for the recipe!! They look so yummy, and I love hazelnuts!

  19. Angelique
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 18:48

    They look delicious. I also live baking so much this time of year. I'll try your recipe!!!

  20. Cassandra Marie
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 19:05


    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 20:39

    Hi! Mmmm … I can almost smell them from your lovely photos! They look delicious!!

    Anette, Norway:)

  22. Krissy
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 20:44

    Oo, those look delicious! It's times like these that I wish I could bake!

    Thanks again for stopping by and commenting at my blog. 😀

  23. bananas.
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 20:59

    hello federica! it's been a while. so nice to hear from you. i'm so glad i came on your blog because these cookies look delicious.

    hope you have a fabulous day darling!

  24. Karyn Bernard (French Charming)
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 21:27

    Hi Federica,

    Your cookies look divine! We went to Mass last night to celebrate.

    I wanted to thank you for your big hug all the way from Italy…I just adore you and it would give Papa Calentino the biggest smile to know that someone in Italy was thinking and praying for him.

    Love and hugs,

  25. mycitycottage
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 21:27

    Federica they look so nice I can smell them from Turkey mmmm…

  26. Emma
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 22:16

    definitely going to try the recipe this holiday season.

  27. Kristin
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 2:58

    It's one of my very favorite parts of the holidays!

  28. Beach Vintage
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 3:26

    I just adore baking cakes at this time of year. Thanks for the recipe for this cookies.

  29. Blair
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 3:43

    You are making my mouth water!

  30. Lise M. Urban Style Vibes
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 6:49

    It seems that I can smell these lovely cookies here in Holland! Enjoy!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Lise M.

  31. Torie Jayne
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 7:40

    They look and sound so yummy! Have a great day!

  32. Loccitane
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 8:37

    Dear Federica.
    Those cookies look good.
    I can imagine they smell great.
    Love your angel wings on the napkins too.

    Buon natale.


  33. love lives in the kitchen
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 11:04

    i love your cookie recipe! be sure i'm gonna ry it this weekend! and guess what? i have the same toile de jouy table cloth (and wallpaper as well)! love this stile!
    wish you a sweet day,

  34. Casa Mia * My House *
    11 Dicembre 2009 alle 11:41

    Federica, these look so good. I will have to try them. Thanks for sharing. Grazie

  35. LavishedLife
    21 Dicembre 2009 alle 19:20

    I love this post BUT I HAVE TO ASK?? Where did you find the angel wing napkin rings?? Please do tell


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