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Federica Piccinini

Good morning everybody, first I want to thank you all for your kind comments. Your support means a lot to me and make me want to continue this blogger adventure! That means a lot, seriously.
Decorating our homes for Christmas is a wonderful way to catch the spirit of the holiday season, don’t you think?
Pinecones, ornaments, candles, ribbon, my home is full of these holiday items! For this year I choose whites and silver, with splashes of red and green.
Red is one of the classic colors for Christmas, here you’ve saw how they’ve used it all around these rooms. It’s time to venture down to the garage and sort out all of our Christmas decorations! Good luck! 
P.s. Ok, I know, I’m a little bit obsessed with Christmas…is there anyone else out there like me?

{pictures from Eva Lindh website}

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  1. love lives in the kitchen
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 11:02

    lovely decors federica! your christmas tips make me feel happy and dream about my holiday with family this year (just can't wait for it 😉

  2. Rachel Follett
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 11:33

    Love that first group of decor. So peaceful!

  3. Gracie
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 12:14

    Thanks for coming past my blog! Your blog is so adorable! I love the holiday decor photos. Silver and white would be very elegant with the splashes of red and green making it more festive 🙂

  4. Angelique
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 13:19

    Look very nice!!!

  5. Laura Trevey
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 13:55

    gorgeous inspiration ~~~

    xoxo Laura

  6. decomarta
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 14:19

    Red is a very festive color indeed! Every year it is a key element of decoration in my house.
    I like a candle in pots, decorated with moss.
    Yes, I am obsessed with Christmas too, but this year I do not feel the spirit of Christmas yet and I'm not sure if I will feel it. Unfortunately, I lost a close family member and these holidays will not be as joyful as the other.
    Power hugs!

  7. beingdena
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 14:22

    hun don't forget to show us your own decore once its up. xxx

  8. Simply Colette
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 14:55

    Beautiful decorations! Ahhh I just love Christmas decorations… 🙂

  9. Auntie Cake
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 15:04

    Like you, I love decorating for Christmas, yours are beautiful. So much fun having a new home to decorate this year, isn't it? Looks great!

  10. Suzanne
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 15:50

    yes! i looooove christmas and everything that comes with it!!!

  11. Raru
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 16:16

    Great selection 🙂
    Oh… I also love Christmas and I don't want to wait so much 🙂

    Thank you!

  12. Chey can cook! (and more)
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 18:47

    I love it, especially the living room picture and red trays picture!

  13. Kristin
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 22:21

    I just adore the whimsy of candy cane red and white!

  14. Jacqueline
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 22:37

    I'm very obsessed with Christmas, Federica. It's the best time of year. Beautiful inspirational pictures. XXXX

  15. Beach Vintage
    10 Dicembre 2009 alle 1:00

    Yes dont worry, we are all obsessed. I love the red tartan/check look.

  16. Chicago City Girl
    10 Dicembre 2009 alle 2:51

    lovely blog ~ glad I found you 🙂

  17. Mela
    10 Dicembre 2009 alle 11:34

    yes there is!!!!meno male che c'è il Natale che riesce a rendere poetico anche un naso ghiacciato 🙂

  18. Inspiration in Italy
    10 Dicembre 2009 alle 11:55

    Oh so pretty! White and red together are so beautiful at Christmas time. Lovely post, Bella. xoxoxo

  19. Lana
    10 Dicembre 2009 alle 13:09

    I'm loving all your Christmas decor, keep going, so inspiring! Going to mention you in my post tomorrow!x

  20. Allison
    10 Dicembre 2009 alle 16:12

    Love all the Christmas decor, it's my favorite time of the year!

  21. Sarah
    10 Dicembre 2009 alle 16:43

    Ciao Fede
    non te l'ho ancora detto ma il tuo nuovo sfondo è chiccosissimo!
    Questo verde acqua mi incanta ed ogni volta che apro il tuo blog, rimango estasiata! 😉


  22. Bleudelavande
    10 Dicembre 2009 alle 18:38

    Che meraviglia di decorazioni!!! Stupende!!!

  23. Kris
    10 Dicembre 2009 alle 18:55

    These are very pretty and simple ideas. Love them all!

  24. Samantha2818
    10 Dicembre 2009 alle 23:44

    I love all of these pictures. Red and white is just the perfect colour combination for Christmas. Now following you x

  25. koralee
    11 Dicembre 2009 alle 1:31

    Everything is so cheery and bright on your lovely blog today. I love the colour red at Christmas…this year I have tons of white and robins egg blue. But red is still one of my favourites. oxoxox

  26. (always)alanna
    11 Dicembre 2009 alle 1:46

    these are adorable- and are inspiring to go decorate!
    gorgeous blog!

  27. titicandia
    11 Dicembre 2009 alle 12:53

    Look very nice!!! beautiful pictures, beautiful Blog.
    I like much the red one in Christmas decorations.
    Regards from Chile, Titi

  28. misslikey
    11 Dicembre 2009 alle 18:16

    aww how your blog

  29. beautifulnemo
    11 Dicembre 2009 alle 23:00

    hai un blog bellissimo! le foto sono fantastiche. ti seguo. 🙂

  30. Amy
    12 Dicembre 2009 alle 0:35

    Great decorating ideas! I love all the natural elements and the red and white. Have a fantastic weekend!

  31. West Hill Heritage
    12 Dicembre 2009 alle 3:35

    Love the pics – your blog is great

  32. Janean
    13 Dicembre 2009 alle 2:29

    Adoro il rosso con la vegetazione naturale! bello! (this is correct?)

    i adore the red with the natural greenery! beautiful!

  33. Niki
    13 Dicembre 2009 alle 3:50

    I love you post! I can't wait until Christmas either!

  34. mycitycottage
    13 Dicembre 2009 alle 15:23

    Federıca I love every post that you shows us ın your blog. I love red and crıstmas ıs my favorıte time. Every picture is wonderfull.

  35. Fee-AMore
    14 Dicembre 2009 alle 8:41

    Love the classic red and white!

  36. Silvia
    14 Dicembre 2009 alle 12:19

    La foto dell'esterno con gli infissi verde provenzale mi sta facendo mettere questo colore in lista tra i miei preferiti. I cuori che ho dipinto la settimana scorsa avevano bianco, avorio, ecrù e questo verde adorabile.
    Ciao e buona settimana!

  37. Pia
    16 Dicembre 2009 alle 11:27

    Thanko you for visting my blog and leaving a comment 🙂
    i love ur Blog!
    Greetings, Pia


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