New Sponsor+Christmas Giveaway

Federica Piccinini

It’s almost like Christmas has arrived early at Sweet as a Candy, just check out of the amazing giveaway we have this week! From the heavenly gorgeous new sponsor Bolondon!
You have the chance to win this gorgeous bag! I’m a little envious because I saw it and it’s sooo beautiful!

– Tell us about your shop, when did it open and why you decide to become a shopgirl?
 After a working experience in London I decided to open a shop where looking for new brands, promoting a positive and funny fashion mood, and organizing little events (as the Valentina De Meo’s photos show, and this new Vintage Selection I’ve told about on the blog). I think London is an example of open minded fashion and creativity, but I choose brands from everywere ( I even like to promote Italian hand-made design, and foreign brands that inspire me). The shop opened in may, and for me it’s just a beginning of a bigger fashion project I have.
– What about this beautiful bag?
This bag is made by Silvia’s think (, ) and it’s an example of Italian 100% hand-made. I like this designer for her ability in using even low materials as building ones. She uses to say that only people who are uncreative need always rich materials, and this is a very current essay because we have to learn to recycle and  exploit raw materials in the best way we can, if we want to preserve our planet. Moreover, I think it’s important to match famous brands with new ones, and this is something unfortunately very unusual in Italy, where these new great designer hardly stand out.
The bag in a green bottle colour it’s called Moon Bag, and it’s part of a collection where every bag has her own circle decoration. This one has a very cute pin with an old decoration basset found looking.
How to Enter!

Anyone who leaves a comment on this post during the next 7 days is automatically entered in the draw!
For an additional entry, you can blog about my giveaway, just leave a comment with the link!

Giveaway ends on monday, december 14 at 8pm(local time).
Winner to be announced on Tuesday, december 15!
~ If you have a company or an online store and you desire to allow Sweet as a Candy to host your giveaway, feel free to send me an email at ~

Ci sono 91 commenti

  1. Tina
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 9:08

    ciao federica!! so nice to see your message!! xo

  2. Certain Creatures
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 9:59

    😀 Adorabile questa borsetta!

  3. alteaperle
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 10:47

    Ciao Federica, grazie come posso mancare! Adorabile questa borsa come d'altronde tutto il tuo blog!
    Baci Baci – Anna

  4. Les Cotrions
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 11:18

    Oh this bag is lovely!!! Nice giveaway Federica! Happy to be in!

  5. beingdena
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 11:26

    hey thanks for dropping by and helping me discover your gorgeous blog.

    fab giveaway, love the colour and shape of this pretty bag. Got an outfit that will go perfect with it so I will for sure blog about your givaway later today to raise my chances to finally win something 😉

    Dena xxx

  6. Casa Mia * My House *
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 11:44

    Ciao Federica, Thanks for stopping by. This is the most beautiful bag I have ever seen. I love it. I'll be back to check out the rest of what you've been up to. It's been crazy at Casa Mia and I wish I was back in NY shopping! baci xoxo

  7. Jacqueline
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 11:45

    What a lovely bag and such a generous giveaway. Sounds like a great shop too. A lovely giveaway, Federica. XXXX

  8. Polly
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 11:56

    What a lovely giveaway. Im in:O) Have a nice week:)-Polly

  9. Anna
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 13:11

    I'm in!I love this bag and its particular shape.Thanks for this giveaway.Bye.Anna

  10. Laura Trevey
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 13:26

    thanks for the visit… it brought me to your lovely blog!!

    Happy Holidays to you ~~

    xoxo Laura

  11. Fabulously french
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 13:33

    Thanks for visiting my blog, love your giveaway – it is so cute.

    Leeann x

  12. Federica
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 13:34

    ovviamente partecipo 🙂 ci mancherebbe altro! questa borsa é davvero bella, poi il verde bottiglia va di stramoda quest`anno quindi chi la vincerá fara un vero figurone! inboccalupo a me :))) baciotti fede

  13. guja
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 13:54

    Grazie per la visita ed il tuo gentilissimo commento dell'altro giorno…Chiaramente partecipo!!!La borsa è deliziosa ^-^ e per un'appassionata di moda come me è sarebbe davvero più che gradita!!!
    A presto.

    P.S. e poi è pure verde :-)!!!

  14. Jill Turner
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 14:08

    Great giveaway! I love the color of the bag!

    <3 Jill

  15. manon 21
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 14:19

    voilà j'ai fait ma petite visite.

    merci pour le partage.


  16. Dumbwit Tellher
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 14:26

    How fabulous Frederica. Congrat's on your new sponsor and we as readers appreciate such a terrific give a way. Gorgeous bad. Will check out their website for sure. Happy New Week to you x

  17. Holyoke Home
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 14:34

    Oooh! Perfect for my new year's eve party outfit.

    So glad to stop by from SITS!

  18. mimi charmante
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 14:56

    What a lovely, girlie little clutch – love it!
    Have a fabulous week my friend,

  19. Hilde Iren
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 15:02

    Hi Fredrica 🙂
    – what a lovely giveaway! Im in 🙂
    – you are on my bloglist so I visit you often, love your style!
    Have a great week!
    Hilde Iren

  20. Living It At Home
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 15:16

    Wow, thanks for this wonderful opportunity to enter to win that adorable bag!

    Greetings from Massachusetts!


  21. Rita
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 15:20

    Che bella borsa!!!

    Speriamo di essere la fortunata… 🙂

    Ri Benny

  22. decomarta
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 15:26

    Gorgeous bag!
    I adore it and want so badly! 😉
    You can read about your giveaway at my blog, here –


  23. L.P
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 15:33

    I love the bag! Cute and beautiful.

    Hope you have a good day. Hugs 🙂

  24. Patricia
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 16:00

    Ciao Federica, adoro il colre di questa borsa… incrocio le dita;))Grazie!!

  25. craftygal86
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 16:23

    This bag is absolutely adorable!! My fingers are crossed – hope I win! <3 Would be a lovely Christmas present. Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

  26. francy
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 16:36

    Ciao Federica,
    è da un pò che visito il tuo blog e ci trovo sempre un sacco di cose interessanti e veramente carine, compresa la tua casa. Complimenti!
    Ma credo di non aver mai visto una cosa più originale e particolare di quella borsa! E' davvero un'amore e non ho mai avuto niente del genere.
    Comunque sia chiunque sarà la fortunata, avrà una cosa sicuramente bella da portare e da mostrare! Good luck! Ciao ciao

  27. Debra
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 16:46

    I love your blog, your style and your decor, plus I'm Italian by heritage. Please enter me in your giveaway!!!

  28. DearBeatrice...
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 16:46

    Such a lovely bag!!
    P.S. Thanks for the reminder Federica!!!

  29. Dionne
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 17:00

    Oh Yay! This is gorgeous, what a lovely bag!

  30. Cathi
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 17:27

    what a fabulous bag – count me in! 🙂

  31. Teresa
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 17:32

    Loving that bag Federica!
    Very unique!
    BoLondon…I will have to check them out!
    You know I adore all things LONDON!
    Thanks so much for popping over to my blog!
    I do enjoy your visits!
    Love your blog too!

  32. daisychain
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 17:34

    please do count me in, tis a gorgeous bag!

  33. Rochelle
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 17:47

    Love that fab bag! The green color is gorgeous!

  34. Iva
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 17:53

    such a darling bag! what a great sponsor and giveaway 😉

  35. buttercup caren
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 18:44

    This is a gorgeous bag (love the daschund doggy pin!). Happily adding an entry.
    I am happy to find your blog; am following it now. 🙂

  36. anne
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 19:11

    adorable bag! i'd love to be entered in the giveaway please 🙂

  37. caroline joy
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 19:21

    Happy Week Federica! I would love to win that exquisite bag! Thanks!

  38. Jackie
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 19:27

    What a unique bag! So cute!

  39. perspicacity
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 19:49

    Such a lovely and unique bag. Perfect.

  40. Cottage Panache Antqs Blog
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 20:17

    Frederica, I adore your blog. Makes me feel calm and at the same time inspired! Beautiful. Maureen

  41. Seyma
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 20:51

    Federica it's perfect!!

    thanks for telling me beforehand.. i wouldn't want to miss this giveaway 🙂


  42. Seyma
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 20:52

    and i posted a link that goes to this giveaway on my a sidebar..

    hope it counts!!


  43. Feelmore
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 21:41

    I'm new to this blog and the first thing I saw was that purse – turns out, I love EVERYTHING shown here! I love it!

  44. Letizia
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 21:43

    Bellina davvero!

  45. Raru
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 21:50

    You are right 🙂 The idea is great. Good luck 🙂


  46. Tiina
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 21:52

    fabulous bag Fede! congrats for having a new sponsie!

  47. The Novelista Barista
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 21:57

    sign me up sign me up!!!

  48. VogueOntheRange
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 22:14

    How exciting to discover this gorgeous blog! Thank you for the entry!

  49. Carolyn
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 22:19

    Lovely giveaway! Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog.


  50. Chelsea
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 22:38

    Great giveaway. That is so cute! I'm having one right now too. Come check it out!

  51. Beach Vintage
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 2:09

    I love people who can do this! Make bags with their bare hands, and beautiful bags too.

  52. my name is lauren.
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 3:12

    this is too cute!

  53. cpullum
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 4:41

    The purse is so stylish!

  54. Dan River Mama
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 10:32

    Adorable! Stopping by from SITS to wish you a Merry SITSmas!

  55. Jessica Nunemaker
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 10:57

    Merry SITsmas!

    Interesting bag, unique color. Nice.

  56. Mia
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 13:19

    Oh my goodness! I would love this bag!

  57. Rhianne
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 13:40

    wow, that is one pretty bag, I love it!

  58. nicole addison
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 13:40

    hey my dear! lovely lovely giveaway:) fingers crossed!

  59. Bolondon
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 13:57

    You're on Bolondon tells Federica, and thanks so much for everything 😉

  60. Kris
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 14:02

    Congrats on the sponsor. So cool! And what a fab giveaway!

  61. Lara
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 14:54

    Ovvio che partecipo…..e speriamo!!!Bacioni!!!

  62. koralee
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 15:44

    Oh what a lovely giveaway…I am so excited to enter. Thanks for the lovely chance. Congratulations to the sponsor.

  63. Allison
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 15:56

    Thanks for stopping by, I love your blog, it's wonderful! That bag is gorgeous love the ruffle and color!

  64. Rachel
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 15:58

    Oh I do believe that bag is simply devine. what a great idea, and congrats on your sponsor!

    thank you ever so much for your kind comment! I do believe your blog is quite lovely as well! I will mention you in my post today about your giveaway =]

  65. Chic Provence
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 16:42

    Love the bag (crossing my fingers!) and cannot wait to “devour” your blog Sweet as Candy….I am struggling with how to make perfect Petits Fours for Christmas Eve, do you know any magic tricks??

  66. Life with Kaishon
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 16:58

    Oh my goodness. That bag is SO beautiful! I always love the idea of a shopgirl. It sounds so romantic : ) What a wonderful giveaway!

  67. Lindsey
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 17:10

    Oh my goodness, this bag is bellissimo! Molto molto molto bellissimo! I love it, count me in for the giveaway, and thanks so much for letting me know about it!

  68. *Ulrike*
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 18:41

    What a stylish bag! Please throw my name into the hat for the giveaway too! I have enjoyed reading your blog.

  69. Cassandra Marie
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 19:06

    What a lovely little bag! Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂



  70. Rachael
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 19:35

    Very cute. And, happy to have found your blog, too!

  71. Silvia
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 21:51

    Ciao Fede, arrivo dopo un bel po' di commenti, ma partecipo con grande piacere… Speriamo bene!
    Un bacione,

  72. Namine
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 0:30

    what a fabulous giveaway!! It's so cute!!

  73. Kristin
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 2:59

    I adore the pin detail. So cute!

  74. Torie Jayne
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 7:43

    Great giveaway! the bag is gorgeous! Have a great day!

  75. Anonimo
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 8:05

    Deliziosaaaaaaaaaa….. tanti tantissimi complimenti!!!
    E quella spillina poi….
    un saluto affettuosissimo

  76. Sarah
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 9:46

    Ciao Fede, non ho idea di cosa bisogna fare per partecipare al tuo blog candy, la volta scorsa bisognava fare “un casino” di cose, ed io non ne ero capace! Spero che questa volta basti un semplice commento, baci!


  77. love lives in the kitchen
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 11:05

    love this giveway! i'm in 😉

  78. rosa
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 12:18

    Ciao Fede, ho impiegato un po' a capire di cosa si trattasse, ma ce l'ho fatta, sono qui… presente, grazie ciao, blog sempre carinissimo complimenti, anch'io ho la mania del Natale, gia' addobbato da piu' di un mese…:)

  79. Something White
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 13:09

    Olala, this is a very chique bag! It has such nice and interesting shapes and beautiful colours! Of course, you may count me in for this happy give-away! 🙂
    Thank you very much, best greetings,

  80. Mo
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 16:08

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! The way these gifts are wrapped is adorable. That is one of my favorite things at Christmas is all the beautifully wrapped presents under the tree!


  81. Mo
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 16:08

    Questo commento è stato eliminato dall’autore.

  82. Suzanne
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 16:16

    oooh it's gorgeous!
    thanks for the opportunity!

  83. S and O
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 16:31

    Oh your blog is really sweet, I found you through 'good intentions equals nothing' and so glad I did:)
    i can't wait to look around some more, I'm totally in love with your blog back round and everything:)

  84. elena
    10 Dicembre 2009 alle 8:49

    Hello I'm in! This bag is really cute!!! …and your blog is always wonderfull!!!
    Thanks for this giveaway!

  85. Anonimo
    10 Dicembre 2009 alle 8:59

    I'M IN!

  86. tere
    10 Dicembre 2009 alle 23:50

    I want I want! my birthday is Dec 31! I deserve it!

  87. Anonimo
    11 Dicembre 2009 alle 20:01

    this bag is beautiful and so is your blog! I'm happy that I found it and will be your visitor verry often for sure 🙂

    Marta eM

  88. Grabka
    14 Dicembre 2009 alle 6:41

    Hi!! Cool giveaway! Im in! I'm in! I love your blog!

  89. Anonimo
    14 Dicembre 2009 alle 18:19

    A charmed little bag containing all our Christmas dreams!

  90. Rose
    15 Dicembre 2009 alle 18:17

    Absolutely lovely!

  91. Gio'
    17 Novembre 2010 alle 20:23

    Such a cute bag! Hope to be lucky! 😉


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