Christmas Gifts

Federica Piccinini

How’s it going everyone?
We’re getting into the swing of the holidays over here!One of my very favorite things about this time of year is to make gifts for my family and friends.
I already bought the first gifts and I found this lovely packages last week. It’s time to create!
When I make up my lists for Christmas,I  often be in a quandary as to what to buy for an elderly relative or friend. Buying Christmas gifts for someone who seems to already have everything they want or need can be difficult. It can be hard to find something to give them at Christmas! But I think that this Christmas I’ve found very lovely presents. Have you already bought some gifts?
I have to tell you a secret…..I am planning a wonderful Christmas giveaway for you girls! Psssss…I can’t say more but I can only say that is GORGEOUS!! So, don’t miss it next week on Sweet as a Candy!

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  1. Rose
    6 Dicembre 2009 alle 11:10

    You are so creative. I always get inspired after reading your blog.

    I'll be alone this Christmas and I'm trying to think of ways to not get depressed.

    I thought perhaps I could volunteer at some shelter which I've never done before.

    I'm always with my children in Boston for the holidays but this year they will be with their inlaws.

    It doesn't feel like Xmas here in South Florida. I don't even have any interest or energy to decorate my house just for me.

    Hugs, Rose

  2. cata
    6 Dicembre 2009 alle 11:30

    Hello FEde!
    Wow! love your packaging.
    I'm in the middle of a Christmas inspiration hahahha so your post is perfect.
    Hugs my dear.

  3. Tiina
    6 Dicembre 2009 alle 12:03

    sweet packaging Fede! i've not bought any gifts yet, but I'm running to the city right now and start making lists. Just had to read about your weekend first!

    happy sunday!


  4. beingdena
    6 Dicembre 2009 alle 12:09

    Just found your gorgeous blog and so glad I did. looking forward to the giveaway as well 🙂

    Dena xoxo

    6 Dicembre 2009 alle 14:54

    I love your wrapping paper and tags and the baskets look so cute with all the gifts in them! I also love your header pic with the gingerbread man and holly too, I will be back to visit for the giveaway!!

  6. Elena
    6 Dicembre 2009 alle 15:09

    non avrei dovuto leggere il tuo post prima di andare all'Ikea. Colpa tua se ho speso 30 euri in carte e nastri e addobbini natalizi!!!

  7. Lara
    6 Dicembre 2009 alle 15:31

    Wow……che pacchetti stupendi!!!Bravissima…e che bell'idea quella dei cestini foderati……!!!
    Aspetto il tuo give avay…ovvio……la coperta dovrebbe arrivare la prox sett….non vedo l'ora…grazie ancora!!!

    6 Dicembre 2009 alle 16:05

    You just reminded me to head straight out this morning, to Ikea!

    The best of all gift wrapping can be found there.

    Around here we exchange wish lists, in the round. You give to one person, and they give to another, and so one.

    Then we piling the gifts high for the kids, and the grandparents end up with nothing. ;P

    I need to start on my baking!

  9. daisychain
    6 Dicembre 2009 alle 16:21

    your packaging is gorgeous

  10. Fee-AMore
    6 Dicembre 2009 alle 16:49

    My, your packaging are so lovely. It's full of thoughts!

  11. Certain Creatures
    6 Dicembre 2009 alle 17:58

    Un post più bello dell'altro! davvero tanti complimenti!

  12. ...Seyma...
    6 Dicembre 2009 alle 18:47

    thank you so much Federica 🙂

    i'll be tuned for the giveaway and i'm following you now 🙂

    best and xx

  13. ...Seyma...
    6 Dicembre 2009 alle 18:50

    aaannnddd get the botton 🙂


  14. Christine
    6 Dicembre 2009 alle 19:36

    your blog's so cute. i love the little holiday accents! and you always have the best pictures!

  15. Shabby Charm
    6 Dicembre 2009 alle 19:38

    I would love to have a gift like that 🙂 So sweet!

    Hug from Maia

  16. my name is lauren.
    6 Dicembre 2009 alle 20:26

    i love the baker's twine on the pressies. i've been looking everywhere for some, but to no avail :(.

    hopefully i'll find some by the time december 25th rolls around :).

  17. Posh
    6 Dicembre 2009 alle 20:31

    What an amazing shots, they look so homy! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! <3

    Amazing blog, love it!

  18. L.P
    6 Dicembre 2009 alle 21:08

    You know what, i get so inspired by reading your blog. It is so fun too!
    I am a person who always buy all the christmaspresent in the last second which i think is pretty .. bad .. haha. Anyway, i just wanted to say that i love your blog. Write back if you want to! Big hugs.

  19. Les Cotrions
    6 Dicembre 2009 alle 21:26

    E chi se loperde il tuo giveaway!!!!
    I'm looking forward seeing it!

  20. Suzanne
    6 Dicembre 2009 alle 21:29

    wow!beautiful wrapping and packaging!

    thanks for stopping by my blog – i'm glad to have found yours also!

    looking forward to seeing your giveaway – i actually just posted one on my blog as well 🙂

  21. Morgan
    6 Dicembre 2009 alle 23:40

    So fun! You're very creative. Such beautiful packaging!

  22. Welcome Home
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 0:03

    What a lovely idea… You put me to shame..

  23. caroline joy
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 0:10

    Too pretty to open! I'll be back for the giveaway! 🙂

  24. Jacqueline
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 1:23

    Goodness, you are soooo organised. I have bought all of my presents but they are not wrapped, we still haven't got the tree and I have zillions of cards to write!! I love your wrapping paper and gift tags. They look beautiful. XXXX

  25. Beach Vintage
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 6:07

    Love love love the red and white twine.

  26. Inspiration in Italy
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 12:01

    So beautiful. xx

  27. A-M
    7 Dicembre 2009 alle 19:33

    Oh your wrapping and decorations are simply divine. You are so creative! Lovely to meet you! A-M xx

  28. MyLittleHappyPlace
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 13:49

    Love your gift packages – perfectly lovely!

  29. Lindsey
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 17:19

    I LOVE this wrapping paper and twine, and the tags are delightful! Where did you get them, my friend?

  30. Krimly
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 23:04

    thankx for your sweet comments! as your blog 🙂

    great post!

  31. Sarah
    9 Dicembre 2009 alle 9:44

    Mmmm…ma che bei pacchettini, chissà cosa c'è dentro! 😉


  32. Anonimo
    3 Gennaio 2010 alle 22:13

    Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  33. Anonimo
    16 Gennaio 2010 alle 3:37

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