A cozy decorating style

Federica Piccinini

It’s raining and cold outside but these photos absolutely have warmed my heart. I would like to show you how Nadine from Herz-allerliebst in Germany decorates her home.

Thanks to simple and affordable touches, she created a warm atmosphere. Nuts, leaves, seed pods, simple things. Really inspiring!

I love seasonal decor and I can’t wait to start christmas decor! I think that I will start to decorate my house soon…very soon. But first, I need a new christmas tree.

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  1. Angel.Pearls
    3 Novembre 2009 alle 10:47

    This is really nice and great style of decoration! The warm sun in Tenerife was SO nice, indeed! Thanks for your visit -Greetings from Sweden//Eva

  2. Les Cotrions
    3 Novembre 2009 alle 11:03

    So beautiful decorations Federica! I can't wait to see what are you going to make for your new home!
    Happy day!

  3. Geisslein
    3 Novembre 2009 alle 11:32

    Just wanna thank you for your nice comment at my blog, you´ve made my day today :o) by the way: Your blog is great too! Wish you a lovely day today! geisslein

  4. Angelique
    3 Novembre 2009 alle 11:42

    Realy nice indeed! I love being inside warm and cosy, while it is raining and windy!!

  5. Federica
    3 Novembre 2009 alle 12:39

    fede grazie infinite per scovare sempre queste chicche! Questo blog é FANTABOLOSO! me ne sono letteralmente innamorata e l`ho subito messo tra i miei preferiti! Thank you so much for sharing! baciotto fede

  6. huisjeaandekust
    3 Novembre 2009 alle 13:43

    Love it! I like how there's lots of white but it's still all so cosy and crisp

  7. caroline joy
    3 Novembre 2009 alle 15:14

    I love this post! So sweet and simple. I'm ready to decorate now!

  8. Inspiration in Italy
    3 Novembre 2009 alle 15:42

    So very warm and cozy, I agree. I absolutely love this simple and holiday inspired decoration, especially the candle! So pretty!

  9. Rita Kent at TesoroFino.Com
    3 Novembre 2009 alle 17:24

    I can see why you find these heart warming. Such lovely little ideas to spruce things up. Thanks for sharing. Glad I have you on my Blog Roll so I can come back often.

  10. love lives in the kitchen
    3 Novembre 2009 alle 17:27

    bellissimo! i would like to grab one of these chocolate muffins 😉
    have a sweet day,

  11. Something White
    3 Novembre 2009 alle 17:38

    Nadine has a great style!! I just love the delicateness of her decorations.

  12. Silvia
    3 Novembre 2009 alle 17:51

    Ciao Federica!
    Grazie per essere passata nel mio blog. Quando mi sono trasferita nella nuova casa era il 25 novembre 2003 e una delle prime cose che ho fatto è stata acquistare l'albero! Gli anni successivi, per recuperare il tempo perduto, l'ho preparato sempre in ottobre…
    Non vedo l'ora di vedere il tuo!

  13. Dionne
    3 Novembre 2009 alle 18:29

    I am excited about Christmas Decorating, too! These are all lovely finds!

  14. Kristin
    3 Novembre 2009 alle 18:41

    Cozy is definitely an accurate description! I just love that fleur de lis throw pillow!

  15. Simply Mel
    3 Novembre 2009 alle 21:01

    Ahhh…the chestnuts nestled around the votive stole the show for me!

  16. Nadine von herz-allerliebst.de
    3 Novembre 2009 alle 21:28

    Dear Federica,
    oh yes, I like it :). Thank you so much for your wonderful words.

    Have a nice evening, Nadine

  17. Brunch at Saks
    3 Novembre 2009 alle 21:33

    Gorgeous photos! I love the different decor for the seasons too! XOXO

  18. Kris
    3 Novembre 2009 alle 22:15

    love the apple and the twine. such an organic feel… literally! haha

  19. Amy
    4 Novembre 2009 alle 4:10

    I love the apple with twine and the chestnuts around the candle, so simple and so pretty.

    Thank you so much for coming to visit No.15. I'm glad you like my photos. Your blog is wonderful! xo

    P.S. That Jack-o-Lantern cake looks familiar. Is it the same baker as I think? 🙂

  20. Janean
    4 Novembre 2009 alle 4:21

    such talent to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary!!

  21. Blair
    4 Novembre 2009 alle 4:40

    Me too! Trying so hard to start posting christmas decor.

  22. texasdaisey
    4 Novembre 2009 alle 5:22

    The red and white pictures are so beautiful. I red in a kitchen. I use red in my kitchen.

  23. Lana
    4 Novembre 2009 alle 6:12

    Such pretty Christmas inspiration, I can't wait for Christmas, although it's a very different experience here in South Africa as it's in the middle of Summer!

    ps Love your blog! 🙂

  24. Maria fra Idekroken
    4 Novembre 2009 alle 9:22

    Looks lovely 😉

  25. Melissa aka Equidae
    4 Novembre 2009 alle 9:23

    Fede sono bellissime….cose sepmlici che non mi sono mai venute alla mente grazie per le idee. Si, sono molto ecitata per decorare per il natale ma siccome c'ho un bebe di 9 mesi non so se mi lascera fare LOL

  26. Lydia
    4 Novembre 2009 alle 10:27

    Federica,che bella scoperta il tuo blog!!!
    Vado a farmi un giro e a curiosare

  27. Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle
    5 Novembre 2009 alle 7:56

    So pretty! Thanks for the inspiration, makes me want to start decorating for the holidays early!


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