December is here

Federica Piccinini

Today is the 1st December and it’s time to start thinking about Christmas! Only 24 days and Santa Claus arrives…
Can you believe it?? Christmas is just around the corner. I dont know it just seems like time has been flying by these past few months. I have to do my Christmas list!
I love everything about Christmas, especially the magic atmosphere. I love to decorate my home, organize christmas parties with friends, and stay with all of my relatives. For these winter holidays I will spend a week in London and I can’t wait to leave! I have to wait until December, 27…. 
Do you have any plans for these holidays?

{pics from here}

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  1. Hat lady
    1 Dicembre 2009 alle 11:34

    Yes! My baby will be born on 30th december!

  2. Silvia
    1 Dicembre 2009 alle 12:27

    Ciao Fede, anch'io adoro il Natale. Ci credi che non ho ancora avuto il tempo di prepare il mio albero? Mi sento frustrata per questo. NO COMMENT!!!
    Londra è da sogno, sono andata quando Giacomo aveva 3 anni ed è stato bravissimo. Bellissimo ricordo!

  3. caroline @ patagonia gifts
    1 Dicembre 2009 alle 12:28

    oh yes! December is the best month of the year for me! lovely pics!

  4. fabrizia
    1 Dicembre 2009 alle 14:33

    per il tuo soggiorno a Londra ti consiglio..daylesfordorganic(Pimlico Road zona Kensington)…se già non lo conosci, non ti deluderà!ciao,buon dicembre!fabrizia

    1 Dicembre 2009 alle 15:42

    Questa e' una casa da sogno nel periodo dell'anno che preferisco….

  6. Sarah
    1 Dicembre 2009 alle 16:10

    I love this shabby chic Christmas! I just discovered your blog and I am really enjoying it so far 🙂

  7. Christine
    1 Dicembre 2009 alle 17:38

    gorgeous photos. wish i lived in that home! i just plan to spend lots of time with family and friends and bake lots of christmas desserts!

  8. Christine
    1 Dicembre 2009 alle 17:39

    ps. love the new background on your blog!

  9. Beach Vintage
    1 Dicembre 2009 alle 22:44

    I am always scared when it hits Dec 1….it's the beginning of all my parties and running around etc. Happy December to you.

  10. Blair
    2 Dicembre 2009 alle 2:14

    Oh I am so excited and love this simple and casual decor inspiration!

  11. Blair
    2 Dicembre 2009 alle 2:14

    Oh I am so excited and love this simple and casual decor inspiration!

  12. Carolyn
    2 Dicembre 2009 alle 3:26

    I love the Christmas season too!I will look forward to your London pics.

  13. love lives in the kitchen
    2 Dicembre 2009 alle 8:33

    i love december and love christmas time! your pictures today are beautiful, as usual 🙂
    wish you a very sweet day!

  14. beingdena
    8 Dicembre 2009 alle 9:58

    I wish my living room looked like that right now. We have no Christmas decorations up as me and my bf will spend whole of Christmas away in tenerife with my Family. Christmas in sun doesn't count….I want snow. x

  15. pinkstilettos
    11 Dicembre 2009 alle 18:58

    These are such gorgeous photos! I wish my home looked this good.

  16. Passionedeco...perchè le case hanno un'anima
    29 Ottobre 2010 alle 13:42

    Ciao Fede.
    Mi stavo rigurdando alcuni dei tuopi vecchi posts.
    Che belle queste atmosfere natalizie!


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