Living in wonderland

Here we are again. It’s time to shake off the Easter holidays and go back to work. Hope everyone had a great Easter!
I thought that one of the better way to start a new week is to show you some of these gorgeous pictures.
I have recently found Hvitur Lakkris blog and I immediately loved it. I’m fascinated about how Swedish interiors can look so warm and welcoming with all this white. 
You can find a lots of fresh ideas that will inspire you to create something beautiful in your home.
 {Photos courtesy of Hvitur Lakkris}

It’s incredible how many talended and inspiring ladies I’ve found through the web. One of these is definitely Maria from Dreamy Whites. She’s fantastic. Believe me. She is.Thanks again Maria, and thanks to all my brand new readers. Thanks for your support, your compliments, wishes, nice words and for all your love. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.